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New Morning Flight

on Sat, 03/30/2013 - 18:11

Most of the improvements in version 13.1 relate to paper, but you'll also find a leaner interface and fewer entry fields to fill in. The update will be free. Coming in April.


Dealing with Paper

When we introduced Morning Flight in 2005, there was My Paper and Vendor Paper. My paper was paper you kept on hand, vendor paper you bought as needed. Clean and simple - and amazingly fertile. The categories kept proliferating like weeds in a flowerbed. Before long we had in-Stock paper, Buy-as-needed paper, PaperShop paper, and Special paper.

Along the way, more than one user complained that Buy-as-needed paper couldn't be quoted in broken reams. Really? Our reasoning had seemed obvious: Paper can't be bought in broken reams or half-empty boxes either. But, as the chorus grew louder, we relented and installed a checkbox in Buy-as-needed to allow partial reams. That minor change instantly obliterated the main distinction between in-Stock and Buy-as-needed. All that was missing was the same checkbox installed in in-Stock for the two categories to become virtually indistinguishable.

With Version 13.1 we're back to the simpler ways. First we discontinued PaperShop paper and Special paper, then we renamed Buy-as-needed to just Buy-it. You'll find in-Stock alive as is. What's more, the old paper files will still be there when you upgrade. Version 13.1 comes with a utility that lets you convert any existing PaperShop or Special paper item to Buy-it paper on the fly.

All the paper specs are now accessible in one window. Some items that were isolated before have been moved next to items they're related to. Sheet Size and the number of sheets required, for instance, and the yield displayed next to the grain.

Most of the buttons on the bottom row are self-explanatory: The piggy bank button to save a custom paper configeration to the Buy-it file, and the Rolodex button to import paper from it. The one-price button has been carried over from the previous version, but the other two in that group are new. The blue button makes all three price fields available for custom entry. The key and one-price buttons disable all but the full carton field and make the program fill in the rest. Also new is that this pricing preference (manual, auto, and one-price) is now saved with each individual paper item.

For the record, Special paper (renamed Custom paper to conform to Custom products) isn't really a file category. It's just paper where the entire record is saved with the quote or job instead of in a separate paper file.

If in-Stock and Buy-it paper are now virtually the same, why not merge the two categories and make do with just one? Because there's still one significant difference left. With Buy-it paper, each color is kept as a separate record which also means each color can be assigned its own price. With in-Stock, a single file record contains pricing for both white and colors, with colors all priced the same.

The net effect is that when the vendor announces a price increase, each Buy-it color has to be tracked down and updated individually. With in-Stock the update is confined to one place. Colors can be added and updated without having to worry about pricing. That makes in-Stock the only practical choice for the SkyMall.

Other Changes

Reduced quantity brackets for in-Stock to three, same as for Buy-it paper.

Reworked MyStore window and reduced markup brackets to three.

Increased maximum range for paper markups.

Reworked Paper Pricer to same look and feel as Custom paper window.

Reworked Price Updater utility for Buy-it paper.

Added 8.5 x 11.5 LaserSnap reams to NCR, and 12 x 18 to other paper items.

Reworked "File" on Main Menu to allow access to all major update functions.

Added worksheet numbers to email estimates.

Added "Priced per Job" (independent of quantity) to MyPostpress.

Increased maximum basis weight for envelopes to 80 lbs.

Deleted Hotkey underlines to clean up look and feel.

Added "Save File Samples" to Job Tickets.


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